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spine manipulation

Spine Manipulation Truth

Spinal Manipulation ‘may’ be beneficial, but why does it never provide lasting relief?

Why do people have to keep running back to their back pain specialist, end up spending a fortune…

…without lasting relief? Here is why and what to do instead…

It is a common story I here in the Clinic. Having spinal manipulation for years intermittently for it to only gradually get worse.

Sounds familiar?

To stop running forwards and backwards to a back pain specialist of choice, with no lasting relief and avoid spending a fortune in the process, read on…

There is ONE TRUE CAUSE in 99% of back pain & sciatica cases!


…Pulling your spine & pelvis, thus body out of alignment.

Let me explain this in a simple 4 stage concept:

STAGE 1 – Muscle Imbalances

Unbalanced Use Body day to Day >> causing Muscle Imbalances

We all have muscle imbalances to a certain extend, some of us sit all day, some do a physical job etc.

This causes certain muscle to become weak and others become overly active, thus tighter/stronger.

This will lead eventually to a ‘tug of war’ of the muscles inside the body, eventually leading to pulling your body out of its natural alignment.

Once this happenes you end up in the next stage…

STAGE 2 – Physical Dysfunctions (4 main ones)

Going about your daily life, incorrect or access stresses are being placed on various structures.

This can carry on for years before finally, the ‘last drop in the bucket scenario’, a structure or structures in the spine break down!

And you end up in stage 3…

STAGE 3 – Spinal Condition (ie. disc bulging)

There are various structures that can break down, start to cause pain.

The spinal joint may lock, a disc can starts bulging etc.

All leading to symptoms…

STAGE 4 – Symptoms

These symptoms can be pain, pins & needles, numbness and in worst case scenario the pain can shoot down the leg – sciatica.

The problem with the Back Pain Industry!!!

Most common / popular treatments start and ONLY focus at Stage 3 and 4.

So let me explain…

You see your Chiropractor every 2 or 3 months, have a manipulation or other and after a few sessions you may feel pain free.

He or she tells you they have adjusted or aligned your spine.

But as soon you get off the treatment couch, those muscle imbalances will pull you instantly out of alignment again.

So you go about your normal daily life, still being pulled out of alignment…

…thus incorrect / access stresses are continued being placed at various structures (the ones affect you, were treated).

Eventually your pain comes back!

This will continue to happen…


You start concentrating on stage 1 and 2!

Something 99% of common / popular treatments don’t!

So to get lasting relief we need to address the muscle imbalances.

Thus balancing the spine again.

That is why I developed the…


Has helped 100’s of my patients to finally find lasting relief. Download your free copy of the Spine Balance Method here

Let me know if you have any questions! Want me to create a video on this topic? Or other?

Have you spend a fortune on treatments over the years without lasting relief? Let us know here…